Porsche 911 Speedster Limited Edition Launched – Priced at RM275k

Porsche 911 Speedster will be opened for booking in US from May 7th, with pricing $275k, for a limited number of 1,948 units only! It was introduced to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche sports car.

The Speedster in Guards Red exterior paint is powered by a 4L 502hp flat-six engine, mated with six-speed manual gearbox, and is built on the full GT3-spec chassis.

Porsche emphasis weight reduction for the Speedster. Aside from manual gear, the roadster has a manual fabric top and basic interior – with no satellite navigation system, no audio & no air-conditioning (the air-conditioning can be refitted as a no-cost option).

It a manual affair here. But the owner will have the hands-on joy of gear shifting, and the Speedster shall be a future collectible for motor-heads!

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